About Us

A&C Alternative Care, LLC Mission Statement

The mission of A&C Alternative Care, LLC is to provide responsive Person-centered services to individuals with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and mental illness or dual diagnoses for the purpose of enhancing their quality of life and increasing their ability to live independently in the community.

Governing Values
  • Our Primary Client is the person with disability.
  • We are client driven.
  • We make a positive difference in our client’s lives.
  • We use culturally normative, positive practices in service delivery.
  • We provide quality service.
  • We wisely manage corporate resources.
  • We value our staff.
  • We practice continuous quality improvement.
  • We measure what we do.
  • We practice teamwork.
Ethics Statement

A&C Alternative Care, LLC subscribes to the Code of Ethics, and expects that each dedicated staff of the company adhere to the Code as follows:

The Code of Ethics holds certain standards of conducts for dedicated staffs and the program they represent. It guides them in their professional relationship with you and the members of your treatment team. The Code says:

-I recognize that services to persons who are disabled are based on humanitarian,
democratic ideals.

-I am dedicated to the principle of enabling persons who are disabled to live as
normal and dignified a life as possible within the limitations of their.

-I will provide services as a trust that requires integrity, compassion, a respect for
individual differences, and a sense of dedication to the task and a belief in the
dignity and the worth of human beings.

Agency History

A&C Alternative Care, LLC was licensed on September 9, 2009 to provide Residential In-Home services to the Individuals with disabilities. It is our mission to deliver quality, dependable services to individuals when it is needed most in their lives.

The Individuals we provide care for will be given support in independent living skills, maintenance of health and safety at home and in the community, and the family system management and training specific to the needs and desire of the individual with the disability. These goals are to be accomplished within the framework of respect for the autonomy of the individual receiving care and the family and significant others in their life.

All services will be provided with respect and active support for the individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worldviews and needs. Our goal is to assist the individual in increasing their ability to participate fully in their individual lifestyles based on the level of functioning they can attain, while in tandem, providing support and encouragement through enhancing emotional and spiritual well-being based on the expressed needs of the individual with the disability.

Medicaid Waiver primarily funds the In-Home Service, but grants and private funds are also accepted.
If you have more questions, please contact us at 804-504-5470.