A&C Alternative Care, LLC recognizes that in order to uphold a better quality of life for its clients, regular companionship should be afforded. We all have social needs that need to be attended to. Otherwise, we fall at risk for being isolated which may later on lead to further psychological problems. Our companionship services may involve:

  • Planning The Day’s Schedule
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Making Appointment Reminders
  • Playing Cards and Games with Clients
  • Assisting with Crafts
  • Helping with Sewing
  • Reading Aloud
  • Reviewing the Day’s Activities
  • Maintaining the Calendar
  • Making Birthday Reminders
  • Taking Walks Together with Client
  • Discussing Current Events
  • Reminiscing about the Past
  • Renting & Watching Movies

If you have inquiries regarding our companionship services, please contact us at 804-504-5470.